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One of the true miracles in life is to experience balance between masculinity and femininity. It is one of the best hidden secrets in life that almost no one experience. I can tell you what it is, but you have to know it from the inside and experience this for your self to really understand and recognize it in your life. It shouldn't be a secret. Life would be completely different if it wasn't. But luckily evolution has lead us to a point where it is possible to experience this. Evolution is at it's midlife crisis and this is the point where balance is regained!We all grow up as either introvert or extrovert persons, which basically is unbalanced. Evolution 'grew up' as an extrovert individual and has reached it's turning point going towards introversion. We are all given this opportunity in midlife! This means that we get a chance to become whole beings. A person who is either introvert or extrovert is only a half being, not living his or her full potential. Which automatically leads to problems around midlife. Identity crisis or existential crisis. 4 out of 5 marriages with one or both spouses in midlife crisis does not make it! Which is bad odds for evolution!

The secret in gaining balance between masculinity (extrovert, activity, thinking, etc.) and feminity (introvert, being, feeling, etc.) is:

In the exact balance between these opposites the Heart and the Mind will open!

And keeping this balance will open the Heart as well as the Mind to deeper levels of existence. And I mean REALLY open! No defences! No excuses! No explanations! Total accept of what is! This is called Healing by the way!


The Golden Circle.

Love: This circle is your love life and includes partner, family, friends, colleagues and on deeper levels it also includes people in your city, people in your country and ultimately all living creatures in the world!

Work: Are you working to survive or do you have a purpose in life?

Spirituality: Any religion practiced intensly and deep enough leads to the same point: True Spirituality! A spirituality that is based on what is real. Not based on books, beliefs or dogmas. But on what really IS!

The Golden Circle

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These three circles inside The Golden Circle, in harmony determines the power and the direction of your life. If your work life goes in one direction and your love life in another, your destination will be none of them! If your spiritual purpose in life is connected to what you do for a living and what you practice in your Love life, all three circles will pull you in the same direction and now you are getting somewhere, simply because the thre areas of your life work together, not against each other!

But it only works if your fundamental balance is somewhere around perfect. If it isn't you will notice in all three areas simoultaneously. If you are behind on masculinity your boss will control you, your partner will control you and your spiritual practice will loose power and go nowhere.

If you are behind on feminity your decisions at work will not be precise. They will be more or less out of direction. Your love life will loose freedom and gain negative control and you can't find your way in spirituality.

I've said it before and I will say it again:

Masculinity makes decisions. Femininity makes shure it is the right decisions!


By finding the balance in your life you are healing the midlife crisis of evolution at the same time. By taking balanced control of your life, you are giving the best you can to the world and to your loved ones! From this balance you can heal the world and yourself, and you will know how to! You will know which partner is the right one for you and you will know your true frinds and value them!

True harmony and the correct direction is based on the purpose of your life (Spirituality), supporting and supported by your partner and family (Love) and grounded in what you do for a living (Work)!

And No – It is not easy, but do NOT use this as an excuse. You simply start now and stop when you die! Then you did your best!




The Zero Theory

The Zero Theory

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The Zero Theory explains the mess the world is experiencing right now. Until now evolution, illustrated by the red arrow, has allowed us to divide the world in order to survive. It has been necessary to be able to distinguish in a fraction of a second if things, animals or human beings were friends or enemies. This ‘strategy’ has produced two kinds of creatures. The Predator and The Prey. This goes for humans as well as animals.

But the world is in it’s midlife crisis now. And the purpose of any midlife crisis is to integrate opposites. The Ego and The Shadow. It is an opportunity to let the inner man and the inner woman look into each others eyes and recognize everything we are afraid of in our relationships. Intimacy and honesty just to mention a few. We are on the very verge of a paradigm change. The choice from evolution is simple: Survival of the human race or extinction.

If we continue to do what we have always done – dividing the world by creating enemies, evolution will make sure that we are unplugged! We have to wake up and realize that everything we have learned about survival is obsolete and that yesterdays solutions applied to tomorrows problems, are fatal! All our leadership tools from the past does no longer work. That’s why this is called ‘The Zero Theory’!

We have to learn to think and act from wholeness instead of dividing everything in good or bad.

This is a tremendous challenge. The Leaders of tomorrow must possess honesty and integrity to such a degree, that every single action he takes and every single word he speaks, can withstand anything.

We have spent millions of years developing The deepest part of our brain, the Reptilian brain. It is a very simple computer that will make sure that only individuals fit for survival will make it. It does so by accumulating information on what is good for me and what is bad for me.

We have spent hundreds of thousands of years developing the mammalian brain which among a lot of other things houses our emotions, which by the way are polarized or divided.

We have spent tens of thousands of years developing the new brain, Neo Cortex which among a lot of other things controls our language which also divides and categorizes everything so we can maintain our view of the world in order to navigate on earth.

We have spent seventy years trying to understand the opposite sex. Women became like men and wanted to work and have a career and men became soft and learned to change diapers! Which caused a lot of divorces! Until 1940 men and women needed each other to be men and women. This was an agreement we made to increase survival rate.

The last ten years men have tried to get back to being a man which in turn gives women a chance to become women again, without forgetting what we have learned. And what have we learned?

We have learned a very important lesson. We are on our way to be complete and whole beings. Men have integrated the inner femininity and women have integrated masculinity. And this is exactly why yesterdays dividing strategies stops working!!!! We need a new strategy. Wholeness!

The balance between the inner opposites, in meta terms we call it masculinity and femininity, opens a new door for mankind. One of the hardest secrets to discover is that in this balanced life the Heart will open and grow. We all know somewhere in our minds that the heart shuts down when we live in extremes. Killing is an extreme and if you allow killing you have to close your heart in order not to feel the pain the universe will inflict on you when you allow such things.

When our hearts no longer are divided, Wholeness becomes the way of evolution and when we become whole beings, this opens to an unknown source of creativity. The alternative is that we continue dividing ourselves and the world right into hell!!!

As a true Leader you have to lead the way before the old leaders take us all down! Find your purpose. Find your heart. Start here:



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The Leader of The Future!


Somebody once said that behind every successful Man is a Woman and to some extent I think this is true. It takes a man to make a decision, but he needs a woman to make the right decision! I focus very much on the Inner Leader so I will translate this to: It demands masculinity to make decisions but it demands femininity to make the right decisions! It demands Leadership as well as Awareness!

The extreme masculinity is primitive. He conquers the world and does not care how. History tells us how they tried to enslave countries and how they failed. The man who knows his feminine qualities, emotions, care and concern and is able to make use of these, is more balanced and has a much greater chance of success in any area of his life! Goes for most of todays female leaders too! This makes a Leader who is much more Aware!

One of the HUGE secrets that people almost NEVER discover because they live unbalanced lives is that in the exact balance between a well developed masculinity and a well developed femininity, miracles will happen. This is called peak experience. Balance is a prerequisite for getting precisely what you want and to reach your goals! In this perfect balance the heart and the mind will open and love, wisdom and natural humor WILL flow! The new paradigm is: Wholeness and Inclusivity.

We need a lot of A's to be a great Leaders. Or should I say True Alfa's!


Agenda (or Aim), Awareness, Assertiveness, Action and Authenticity.

AGENDA. Having an Agenda for your life and Aiming for this,  is crucial if you want Passion – Passion that will get you passionate followers. Finding, having and knowing your ultimate purpose can easily give you so much Passion that you could scare people away, so learn to relax into your Passion when you find it. AIMING for the highest purpose of your life, will set the heading for everything else in your life and become a very valuable guideline.

AWARENESS is important. You have to be totally AWARE – Well that is not quite possible but it is possible to wake up gradually to higher and higher levels of AWARENESS. Most leaders are not even aware what is going on in their own teams. Most leaders act solely from what they THINK is going on in their team! Unfortunately they think that what they think is REAL!

There are multiple levels of AWARENESS. The first is Inner AWARENESS which is an absolute necessity if you want to be able to see the difference between what really is and what only is in your mind. Most people can't see this difference! The second level of AWARENESS is group AWARENESS and this is where you really get in touch with what is going on in your team or your company or your family. The third level of AWARENESS is the City Limit AWARENESS. You can't make a decision in your team without considering what effect this has outside your team! The fourth level of AWARENESS is national. What is the interaction between your country and your decision? The fifth level of AWARENESS is global. This is where the technological development is today so if you don't possess global AWARENESS you are far behind! AWARENESS is one of the doorways to CREATIVITY!

ASSERTIVENESS. When I say Assertive I mean positive, Appreciative, respectful and exact communication.

ACTION speaks louder than words! Need I say more!

AUTHENTICITY. The spoken language is only about 7% of the total communication so what about the other 93%? Well, have you ever heard of body language? Tone of voice? Gestures? Body posture? If your words communicate one thing and your body language another and your tone of voice a third… What impact do you think you are making? If ALL your communication channels were transmitting the same message, don't you think the message would be a lot clearer? You can learn to control your channels but if you are controlling and suppressing a channel which is communicating a different message than the words channel, you just create a new channel that communicates that you are holding something back which could be interpreted as being dishonest. Do the opposite. Learn to understand your channels and your sub communication. Be totally honest, open and PRESENT!

Mastering these five A's will make you a more balanced person and give you at least five more A's to master:


Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admiration, Accountability.

AUTHORITY comes from knowing your AGENDA – knowing where you are AIMING, and being totally honest and in sync with all your communication channels. The power of a title only gives you imaginary AUTHORITY. We all know that this kind of AUTHORITY has NO impact al all! A true Leader does not have to claim his AUTHORITY. WISDOM is a big element in AUTHORITY. Knowing your purpose is the key/path to unlock your inner WISDOM. True Authority earned. Not commanded.

ATTENTION is what you get when your communication is precise and with impact

ATTRACTION. The world will come to you when your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual layers are in sync. When you have done your homework!

ADMIRATION. Well… As true Leaders we don't need ADMIRATION. That's why we get it!

ACCOUNTABILITY. As true leaders we have stop blaming! We have to get to the point where we return from "It is your fault" to "It is MY responsibility". In other words: What can I do to help when some one fails. Was it me that did not provide correct information? How did I contribute to failure? Lead and Learn! Which Leader does earn your respect. Him who says: "It is your fault. You need to do better or find another job!" or the one who says: I'm sorry. I messed up. I'm also to blame here. I will do better next time"…


The Masculine qualities: Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action and Authenticity in equilibrium with the feminine qualities: Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admirationand Accountability will make you Appreciative, Attentive and Amazing. You will become an Achiever, Accomplisher, Adventurer, Alchemist and the Author of your own life! You will be the Answer to peoples questions!

All these A's describe pretty well what I think should be The Leader Of The Future. The Archetype of a True Leader. I have deliberately left Ambition out of this. Simply because ambition is based on unrecognized needs that weren't met in childhood – which describes a lot of today's leaders who has become leaders only because they need to prove to others that they are leaders. Ambition is unbalanced but if you work with your ambition and understand where it comes from, you can easily transform it to PASSION! Which is infectious!

Long ago I stopped believing in political left or ideological right. We need leaders that can lift us up instead of letting us down. The old leader (of his own title!) has come to a dead end in evolution. Leaders who do not act from wholeness which includes opposites, will not make it. The future belongs to the New Leader. The one who knows Leadership and Awareness.

We are at a point in evolution where it is becoming clear that yesterdays solutions ARE today's problems! Which means that the way we used to solve problems no longer works. It is obsolete. And why?… Simply because evolution until now has allowed us to survive by dividing everything in good or bad. Friend or enemy. Dark and light…  Simply because the deepest part of our minds and brains are split in two parts, which has been the supreme way of survival until now. But what has been the ultimate way of survival is going to be our enemy tomorrow. Evolution demands another paradigm. Wholeness rater than division. Evolution is here already, But we are not! We need to learn to act from wholeness. We have to forget everything we know and be open and creative. Are you ready to forget the past and create the future?

This kind of Leadership is a skill every single human being has, but in most people it is still sleeping. Every single human being has the potential to wake up and become The Leader of The Future. The Leader of his or her own life. We can not rely on other people including governments, to make decisions that brings us what we want. We have to do it by ourselves.

This is an Awesome, Awful lot of A's and in the end there is one very important thing that is more important that A's: When you master all these A-qualities EMPATHY is yours for FREE!

So get on with it!!! Do it now!!! Here is the perfect place to start:


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David Leadership And Awareness


Awareness and making decisions

The way you perceive the world around you has a huge impact on your decisions. The way you perceive is determined by all the life you have been living (or NOT living) until now! 

There are many levels of decision making and the way you perceive your surroundings determine if you are a great decision maker or just the average Joe trying to make it through the day.

There is a new paradigm emerging. Until now mankind has allowed it self to blame anything and anybody for almost everything and thus leave huge opportunities to take responsibility behind. Huge opportunities to become better at being human beings and greater Leaders in our families, our lives, our communities and even in our countries, have been left behind.

This psychological malfunction has brought humanity to where we are today and the leaders of today – whether we are leading multinational companies or we are leading our selves through life, are going to be extinct very soon if this continues. Evolution is determined by Survival of the fittest and until now this blaming strategy has in fact worked – at least to some degree. The strategy is: I’m right therefore you are wrong! Or I’m innocent and you are guilty. Polarization.

The news are that this strategy will destroy us if we continue. Or at least it will destroy the archetype of blaming which is needed, and make a perfect transition into a new era. The old strategy was dividing everything – in me and you, good or bad etc. The new strategy which we will need to make a decent world is:




We have to learn to think in ‘us’ in stead of ‘you or me’. Every decision a leader makes that is based solely on his own perception of life is doomed to fail. He does not realize that even the smallest decision is a thread in a web that includes all living creatures, and anything form ‘outside’ can make his decision fail. You can’t make a decision without being aware of everything else that can influence your decision and you can’t be aware if you don’t train your awareness!! Just like you can’t play piano like Mozart without practicing!

This awareness has multiple levels. The first level is to be aware of yourself! You have to be aware of your emotions, your thoughts, your (determined) reactions, your behaviour. You MUST know why you have the feelings you experience. You have to know why you think the thoughts you are thinking. You have to know why you are acting the way you are acting. You have to be able to watch your self from outside your self!

The next level is the same but your awareness now includes other peoples thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The ability to be aware of other peoples lives is much easier if you know and understand what is going on inside your self. First it is our family and close collegues. Next it is those that I don’t know personally but they come and go in my life. It is people from other departments in my company, it’s the people on the street and in the shops. Those I see but not necessarily talk to.

The third level is to apply the same awareness to the whole world. Be aware of everything. All the time. And make decisions accordingly…

We are going to change evolution.This is not an easy task. But on top of the biological evolution we now have to focus on the evolution of consciousness. Biological evolution will kill us all in the end. We have to add evoultion of consciousness. The alternative is selfmade suffering and extinction!


We all have a responsibility for this planet. It is not just those we pay to run our country that has this responsibility. We ALL have! And the only way we can do it right is by training our personal awareness skills.


So get on with it!!! Do it now!!! Here is the perfect place to start:

 FREE Mindfulness Training Manual here!  


 The past few days some of my friends asked me what I was doing and quite a few times I explained that I was doing leadership coaching and planning a new kind of leadership education in four aspects of life:

And I continued explaining why I was so passionate about this. I have had leader jobs myself and I have also had many leaders. 25 to be exact. Only two out of those 25 leaders was what I call genuine leaders and three more was above average. The rest of them 20 out of 25 should never be near a leader job if I was the one to decide. And why? Simply because most of them were small impotent men who tried to cover up that they suffered from inferiority.

They used MOST OF THEIR TIME trying to promote themselves unconsciously to cover up that they didn’t have the necessary skills, completely unknowing what they were doing, rather than being a leader! And somehow I struck a chord inside all the people I talked to and they all told me their story WHICH WAS THE SAME AS MINE!

So I decided to make a survey to see how bad things are out in the real world. I sincerely hope that you will use just two minutes of your time on this survey, which is just to get a preliminary overview.

The purpose of this survey is to establish the need for a new kind of leader in the future and your information will be the basis of the education program of leaders in the time to come!


Take this survey if you are a leader: Survey for Leaders


Take this survey if you are NOT a leader: Survey for NON Leaders