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About Leadership and Awareness

Me – David!

I believe that every human being has nearly unlimited potential in developing momentum, creativity and awareness. I am working mostly from action based reality: Don’t whine – Just act!

If something does not work then make it work or try something else! If you do what you have always done, you will get the results you have always gotten!

I was cofounder of www.NordCad.dk in the mid 80’s and I am currently managing www.MicroSonic.dk and www.GlobalMarketingOnline.eu and some other smaller businesses like www.EngageToday.eu. I love Martial Arts and I have been in the Mindfulness business since 1990. 

Do you lead or do you manage? Do you want to be a leader or do you want to do leader jobs? Do you want a leader job to express your leadership skills or do you create a leader by expressing leadership skills?


Leadership and Awareness - David Holywood Fonsbo