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Leadership and Mindfulness


Awareness and making decisions

The way you perceive the world around you has a huge impact on your decisions. The way you perceive is determined by all the life you have been living (or NOT living) until now! 

There are many levels of decision making and the way you perceive your surroundings determine if you are a great decision maker or just the average Joe trying to make it through the day.

There is a new paradigm emerging. Until now mankind has allowed it self to blame anything and anybody for almost everything and thus leave huge opportunities to take responsibility behind. Huge opportunities to become better at being human beings and greater Leaders in our families, our lives, our communities and even in our countries, have been left behind.

This psychological malfunction has brought humanity to where we are today and the leaders of today – whether we are leading multinational companies or we are leading our selves through life, are going to be extinct very soon if this continues. Evolution is determined by Survival of the fittest and until now this blaming strategy has in fact worked – at least to some degree. The strategy is: I’m right therefore you are wrong! Or I’m innocent and you are guilty. Polarization.

The news are that this strategy will destroy us if we continue. Or at least it will destroy the archetype of blaming which is needed, and make a perfect transition into a new era. The old strategy was dividing everything – in me and you, good or bad etc. The new strategy which we will need to make a decent world is:




We have to learn to think in ‘us’ in stead of ‘you or me’. Every decision a leader makes that is based solely on his own perception of life is doomed to fail. He does not realize that even the smallest decision is a thread in a web that includes all living creatures, and anything form ‘outside’ can make his decision fail. You can’t make a decision without being aware of everything else that can influence your decision and you can’t be aware if you don’t train your awareness!! Just like you can’t play piano like Mozart without practicing!

This awareness has multiple levels. The first level is to be aware of yourself! You have to be aware of your emotions, your thoughts, your (determined) reactions, your behaviour. You MUST know why you have the feelings you experience. You have to know why you think the thoughts you are thinking. You have to know why you are acting the way you are acting. You have to be able to watch your self from outside your self!

The next level is the same but your awareness now includes other peoples thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The ability to be aware of other peoples lives is much easier if you know and understand what is going on inside your self. First it is our family and close collegues. Next it is those that I don’t know personally but they come and go in my life. It is people from other departments in my company, it’s the people on the street and in the shops. Those I see but not necessarily talk to.

The third level is to apply the same awareness to the whole world. Be aware of everything. All the time. And make decisions accordingly…

We are going to change evolution.This is not an easy task. But on top of the biological evolution we now have to focus on the evolution of consciousness. Biological evolution will kill us all in the end. We have to add evoultion of consciousness. The alternative is selfmade suffering and extinction!


We all have a responsibility for this planet. It is not just those we pay to run our country that has this responsibility. We ALL have! And the only way we can do it right is by training our personal awareness skills.


So get on with it!!! Do it now!!! Here is the perfect place to start:

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