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Leadership Survey



The past few days some of my friends asked me what I was doing and quite a few times I explained that I was doing leadership coaching and planning a new kind of leadership education in four aspects of life: The Inner Leader, The Family Leader, The Professional Leader and The Leader of your Life!


And I continued explaining why I was so passionate about this. I have had leader jobs myself and I have also had many leaders. 25 to be exact. Only two out of those 25 leaders was what I call genuine leaders and three more was above average. The rest of them 20 out of 25 should never be near a leader job if I was the one to decide. And why? Simply because most of them were small impotent men who tried to cover up that they suffered from inferiority.

They used MOST OF THEIR TIME trying to promote themselves unconsciously to cover up that they didn't have the necessary skills, completely unknowing what they were doing, rather than being a leader! And somehow I struck a chord inside all the people I talked to and they all told me their story WHICH WAS THE SAME AS MINE!

So I decided to make a survey to see how bad things are out in the real world. I sincerely hope that you will use just two minutes of your time on this survey, which is just to get a preliminary overview.

The purpose of this survey is to establish the need for a new kind of leader in the future and your information will be the basis of the education program of leaders in the time to come!


Take this survey if you are a leader: Survey for Leaders


Take this survey if you are NOT a leader: Survey for NON Leaders